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Fleece 3-in-1 Neck Tube Bandanas / Beanie Hats

Fleece 3-in-1 Neck Tube Bandanas / Beanie Hats

A three-in-one versatile stretchy fleece with drawstring and cord lock. Wear as a Neck Tube, Face Mask or a Beanie Hat - UK Stock. In contrast to the microfibre neck tubes that have no hems or seams, the fleece neck tube/beanies have a hem at each end and one seam down the back.

To wear as a Beanie Hat: pull drawstring to close and secure with toggle. Either leave drawstring dangling, tie in a knot or tuck inside the beanie hat according to your preference.

To wear as a Neck Tube Bandana or Face Mask: leave drawstring open and pull the fleece tube over head with the drawstring and toggle at the top which can then be tucked inside.

Tip: For chilly autumn and winter days buy two and wear both together. One as a neck tube, the other as a beanie hat.

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