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Scary Halloween Face Neck Tube Bandanas

Paisley Bandanas / Neck Tubes / Zandanas / Scarves

Paisley Print Neck Tubes / Bandanas / Zandanas / Scarves & Accessories

Paisley Print neck tubes, bandanas, zandanas, multifunctional headwear, scarves, accessories, and other products with paisley prints for men and women.
From classic paisley prints including all over paisley prints, square paisley border prints, circular paisley prints, paisley jacquard/damask, paisley square montages, paisley star, paisley pearls, pyjama paisley, BUDGET paisley prints to paisley flower prints. In colours ranging from pastel pinks to bold dramatic blacks.

Xmas Stock still being photographed - will be listed in batches over next few weeks

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Free Shipping | UK Stock | Same Day Shipping
Free Shipping | UK Stock | Same Day Shipping